My back yard is the safe zone for all of us – the cats don’t have to worry about being chased around and I don’t have to worry about them going off on their own. Only Julie has shown the ability to jump the wall and sit on top or roam the neighborhood.

Aside from one incident where my neighbor’s Siamese sat on the dividing wall and hissed at the two boys, and the odd noisy bird in the trees, there’s nothing for even a slightly nervous cat to worry about when there is good weather outside.

A friend of mine describes my lot as a “California Acre”. This means there are parts of the back yard where you can’t touch the house and the boundary wall at the same time. But there are places where you can.

The indifferent weather this year has kept the cats inside most of the time — it has rained most weekends and it is getting dark when I get home from work. It’s also kept me from my usual lame attempts at gardening.

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