An outside day…

Today was in the 80’s, and sunny for the first weekend in a while.  We all puttered about in the back yard, me culling down the invading English Ivy, and them watching me or snoozing.

I’m not sure what to think about the Ivy, which has invaded the back yard from the plantings in the front that the association put in.  It grows well, unlike all the other ground covers I actually buy myself.  Its hard to find a plant that can survive in the no-sun part of the yard and the baked hard part of the yard, and on the thin poor soil under it.  So at times I let it live on, and others I chop it up and discard it when it gets out of bounds.

Julius was hunting again – he brought home a live lizard which he then dropped in the living room. Calpurnia was interested in the action, as Julie tipped over a wastepaper bin either because he dropped him inside, or the lizard got away under it.  I rescued the little guy and let him go. He seemed unhurt. The evening catch of a small mouse was not so lucky.  I was out reading and he vaulted the wall and his mouth looked funny…because he had a mouse in it.

When things heat up more Juilus gets lazier and the critters get smarter, so the catch rate is much reduced.

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