Flashback: Calpurnia’s First Day

How Hard can it be to get a new Cat?

I had been thinking about getting a third cat for a while, without really doing anything about it. Finally, a combination of the fact that the two boys and I were in something of a rut, and the knowledge that in the bad economy there were a lot of cats that needed adoption moved me off of the starting block.

The time I was looking for a new cat when Angie died, I’d run into trouble with the local adoption groups. They wouldn’t let me have a cat since my current cat was too old. I ended up going to the county shelter to get Gus.

My first attempt was with a Ragdoll named Milo I saw on Petfinder. I put in a request for him, and after a couple of emails was told that Milo had been adopted. Fair enough.  I kept looking.

Then I get a message saying Milo was available, so I filled out an application to get him. No response to that. Again, after a few tries I got the response that the cat was going into surgery and wouldn’t be available for some time.  Now, I may have a suspicious mind, but I doubt that this was the truth.  For one thing, if they had placed the cat days before, the medical checks were already done. For a second thing, recovery times for cats are pretty rapid. And of course, there was no further contact even after this time was up. My guess is that the lady wanted to place the cat somewhere else despite accepting my application.

My next try was at a Petfinder show. There was a pretty messed up small Persian that I felt sorry for, so I put in an application there too. I was not really surprised when I got no response at all.  Administrative incompetence or was I in violation of another of their silly rules?

Back to the City

Well this sort of thing burned about four months.  I kept my eye out on Petfinder and was surprised to see a Himalayan and a Ragdoll cat displayed in one of the Valley Shelters.  Going by my experience with Gus, at least they would let me have a cat if I got in before someone else adopted it. And here I had two shots at that.

When I got to the shelter, the Ragdoll wasn’t there – adopted or out somewhere. But I did see the Himalayan there, swaddled in an immense amount of fur.


Calpurnia had a very pretty face and interesting markings, and seemed friendly enough. There was a little bit of comedy in that they weren’t sure if she needed to be fixed or not. I had to wait while they shaved her belly hunting for a scar. They never found one, but decided to believe the papers for the cat that said she was fixed. While the shaving from chest to back leg was embarrassing, I think both of us were happy to not have to come back the next day. The total bill was 21 dollars, since she was already microchipped.

Safe Room

Calprunia didn’t enjoy the ride much at all, but it was good to know she could make some sounds.  I set her up in the far bedroom with her own litter box and food bowls: 

You can see her crazy fur in this shot – even for a Persian that’s a lot. The cat’s actual backbone is about level with the ears and the dark base of the tail.  There’s inches of fur above the spine on the back.  There were two fist sized clumps of mats behind each of the front legs. And remember – this is with some fur shaved off the tummy.

For the first hour, while I was in and out setting up the litter boxes, she tended to lie in the closet, but wouldn’t hide further in if I looked in.  When I was in longer and she calmed down some she found a new safe place on top of the bookshelves.  This is about my eye height.  Its quite a jump even for a cat with no mats.  Her not being afraid was good enough for one day.

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