Odds and Ends

With the weather cooling again, there’s been less chance of crazy cat hijinks, but there’s been a few noteworthy incidents.  On Saturday, when Julius caught the lizard, Calpurnia was interested enough to be there, shoulder to shoulder, watching him. She backed off when I got the camera, but its good to see them share an interest.


I swear the papers were in the basket before he knocked it over…honest!

This morning Julie burst out from under the bed at Calpurnia, and she had to dodge madly out of the way. No hissing on either side, it was all cat play.

A bit later Calpurnia play swiped at Gus when they came together in the hall as I got up. He cringed away a bit, since he’s a bit of a scaredy cat, but all in all he took it pretty well. I think it will end up helping him that Calpurnia doesn’t follow his lead like Julius does — since Julie was a kitten when Gus was the big cat, he tends to base his reactions when inside on what Gus does.

Gus and Calla seem to get on pretty well too.  Its gotten pretty common to have them sleeping within a few feet of each other.   Yesterday I was lying down watching TV and Gus came to sit by me and turn on his purr engine.  Calla hopped up on the other side and got some petting in, and Gus didn’t tense up or react.  Before Calla arrived, he could tense up when Julius came by, and he’d known him for seven years or so.

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