Flashback – Bad Hair Day

I got a morning appointment to see a groomer before work I felt kind of bad for Calpurnia – it was only four days ago she had been shaved and moved about in the car to come home, and now she was out again and getting more hair cut off. And there would be another trip tomorrow, to the vet.

She did pretty well, considering all that. Even though she really didn’t know me I thought staying with her would make it easier. So I kept with her and held the bitey end for the groomer. She did nip me once lightly during the bath part.  I wanted to try to save as much fur as possible, but that wasn’t much. In effect we could only save about a 2 inch wide strip down the backbone, and if you combed it down over her sides it looked kind of like she had her fur.  Her sides were a solid mat, for the most part.

A whole mess of fur was cut – at the vets she weighed 7 and a quarter pounds. The forms from the adoption said she was 8 and a half pounds four days before.  She was almost thin under all that matting and excess fur.

 Here is the comb-over in full glory. Compare that to the previous flashback post to see how much bulk was cut away.

 She seemed so pleased to be able to move, even that evening when I came back from work…


She would not keep still, rolling and rubbing around. Not good for taking closeup pictures, but it was good to see her happy and relaxed.

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