No Accounting For Taste

Here’s something I don’t get – why cats like some things and not others.  For example, take these two catnip toys. They are both about the same age now – well over a year old.  Both cats went crazy or the first one (the lower one) to the point of licking the color off of it.  So I got a second one, one for each of my (then) two cats.  Of course, neither of them liked the new one much. They only nibbled on it to be polite.

So when I get Calla, what does she do? Exactly the same thing. To this day all three of them take turns loving on the ragged old firecracker, while the pretty one lays idle on the other side of the room. Age does not diminish its attraction.

I remember a little sad burlap catnip sack that Cassie and Angie loved for at least six years. 

Hard to think the scent would overpower them after all that time.  Well, whatever the reason, Julius isn’t telling me what the answer is, the stinker.

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