No cage can hold me

Here is my first picture linked from my Flickr account. Its pretty annoying how hard it was. Flickr seems to hide the name of the JPG. For some reason WP tended to delete the image at the drop of a hat.  You don’t seem to be able to set one of these linked images as a featured image. Too bad, I like the featured image feature.

The picture is of Calpurnia coming back through the fence between the pool area and the common area in front of my house. The cats think of the pool as their turf, as long as nobody is using it. This pic shows how much poof she has, plus her bottle brush tail looks as solid as a rock instead of plumey like most Persian tails. Its not puffed out in fear, either.

So it is pretty common for the cats to explore the pool area when I open the front door. I have kept an eye on Calla to keep her from going much further in that direction. Julie is hopeless, he goes through the pool to the RV park and hillside, which is one of his hunting grounds. So far Calla will let me herd her back toward the front door easily enough.

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1 Response to No cage can hold me

  1. nadbugs says:

    That tail is an entity all to itself!


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