Cat Toys!


I ordered a set of cat herb toys from The Way of Cats blog. They arrived yesterday.  Being unable to decide, I got the assorted pack with one of each of the three kinds.


I placed the order on Saturday, and the item was shipped the next day. That’s pretty good, especially when you consider that the Sunday in question was Easter. The bag came in a nice sturdy little box. Sadly, the box is exactly the same size as my mailbox. My mailman insists on putting any item that can be crammed into his side of the box into the box for mail, instead of using the package boxes or carrying it to my actual doorway. But on my side, the metal locking door makes a quarter inch lip, making it totally impossible for me to get the box out. And the box was taped well, so I was going to need some tools

After ten minutes of searching, I managed to find my X-acto knife, and some quick surgery netted me the toys in their own labelled bag. Even with one side out, disassembling the package into fragments small enough to get home was no easy task. Not the fault of Way of Cats. I suppose next time I should order more to get a larger box.

The Toys

Pooka Blend comes in a small star-spangled bag. Royal Nip, which I guess by the name is catnip, comes in a gold bag. The best container is Stinky Sox, which comes in a baby sock. The herbs are a little stinky, but only if you put them right up to your nose.

So how did they go over? I have three cats, so there are nine cat/toy judgements. Gus gave a solid yes to all three sorts – he rubbed and licked each one right away. The Nip had the best effect. 

Juilus was a bit reserved, but today I saw him play with the Sox and Nip. Now here’s another good thing. Julius is a hunter, and when he gets excited he can play rough. One toy he got made of wicker he crushed in his mouth to fragments in about 20 seconds. He did try to tear open the sack with the Royal Nip, and he bit the Sox. Both held up to his roughhousing and are still intact.  He hasn’t gone for the Pooka yet. 

Calpurnia was a tad under the weather yesterday (hair balls) and she stayed away from all three. Today I saw her play with the Nip. So that’s six of nine yes, in just one days time. That’s pretty good, and way ahead of my average for store bought Catnip Toys.

And in other Toy news…

Calpurnia wins the award for the first cat to go all the way into the new cedar cat house. And no, I didn’t push her in.

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