Space-Time for Springers

Since last week I posted a link to a cat story you can find on the web, I thought I’d do it again.  This time I came across Fritz Leiber’s “Space-Time for Springers”. The title  is the name of one of the many books super-genius kitten Gummitch would have written, when he metamorphosized into a man as all kittens do. Sadly, the dangers of the spirit life of a more or less normal house called him to heroically make the ultimate sacrifice and turn into an adult cat after all.

There’s a link on the right to the full story.

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2 Responses to Space-Time for Springers

  1. seybernetx says:

    A haunting story. I read it years ago, and still remember Gummitch kind of mourning the way things had to be at the end.


    • Oldcat says:

      Yes, its a little sad at the end, although there are worse things than being a dignified tom cat. Of course, that end was only avoidable if all of Gummitch’s theories about his birth and destiny were actually true. I think back more on the wild and mystical kitten life that’s the bulk of the story, and the climactic fight against Sissy’s dark spirit.

      And if you want to read it again, click the link on the right. It hasn’t lost anything.


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