Julius Rampages On

It’s been cold today, but either last night or this morning Julie still got his man – or mouse. I found the evidence in the back yard about noon.

This has been pretty common – there was a rat on the patio a while back, and a few out front. He hasn’t brought any large game in since the time earlier in the year when he had a rabbit and brought it through the house and tried to make it into the garage., I managed to get hold of him when he was halfway through the cat door into there. After a little bit, he dropped the catch and backed up to my side. So I had to open the door over the body, which worked out better than I feared it might. Possibly that might have taught him not to bring things in, although the mouse incident and lizard incident seems to say otherwise.

Maybe its the big kills he leaves outside.

The most semi-embarrasing time was a while back when workers were doing roof repairs. The first day they swept all over the porch out front to make sure they left no dust there. The second day they didn’t, and I wondered why for a moment until I looked around and saw Julius had left a dead rat and partially eaten rabbit in plain sight for them to see.

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2 Responses to Julius Rampages On

  1. Way to go, Julius kittie. Make sure everyone knows what a great hunter you are.

    Guess the workers figured if a dead rat didn’t bother anyone, a little dust wouldn’t matter.


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