Weekend Comes

I decided to take Monday off, so there’s a three day weekend coming. The photo above is from last August with Calpurnia joining me in the back yard in front of a little patch of succulents.

Calla has formed the habit of running past me back inside whenever I come out back. If I settle down and work on something, she comes back and sits at my feet and sprawls out relaxing. Being around me when I am standing and walking around triggers her caution. 

This gets to be a mutual annoyance – if I get up to get a drink of water or something she gets up  from where she is lying to dart aside. I often find myself following her about the house, saying “I’m not chasing you” as I chase her around the living room. She’s a lot better if she’s even a few inches off the ground, on a chair or in a cat tree.

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