Analyzing Calpurnia

At this point, I’ve introduced the genes that define the coat colors. I’ve made a table below showing the genes for Calpurnia. There’s not that much guesswork involved. Some genes you can’t tell because only one dominant is needed to express the gene. For instance, the Black gene could be masking a recessive chocolate gene. This is indicated by the dash.

The Orange gene, if present, would show somewhere making her a tortie point, rather than a seal point. The White Spotting locus is probably S/s.  At least one is present, shown by the white blaze, feet and stomach. Most sources think that S/S normally makes a cat more than half white. But she could be S/S with modifiers “dialing it down” to the tuxedo pattern she does show.

The type of Tabby is totally masked on her. On some cats you might see ‘ghost striping’ that could give you a hint. She only shows even vague shadow markings is on the head, where all tabbies match anyway. The pointing gene has dimmed any patterns on the body enough that nothing is visible.

The final two genes in the table are only a little bit uncertain. I am not totally sure how these genes interact with the ‘non-Agouti’ gene. In Smoke cats, the inhibitor makes the bottom of the hair white even in solids, so I would think that Calpurnia would show some white near the base of the fur that simply isn’t there.

Locus Genes Notes
Black B/- Seal point
Orange o/o No Orange
Tabby ?/? Masked, type not visible
Agouti a/a Non-Agouti (solid)
Dilute D/- No Dilution
Long Hair l/l Long Hair
White Spotting S/- Piebald. (S/s)?
Albino c[s]/c[s] “Pointed” cat – Siamese like
Dominant White w/w Normal coloring
Inhibitor i/i Normal Agouti
Wideband Agouti wb/wb Normal Band

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