Recycling Day

Today was the free Electronic Recycle Day, so I got rid of a couple of old TVs I had lying around. The old 34 inch Tube TV was quite a struggle to get in on my own. I had to brace it on a wood box to allow me to lift it into the hatch. I don’t know if it weighs 100 pounds, but it was so wide and awkward that it feels like more.

Gus was exhausted just thinking about all the work I was doing out in the garage.

Calpurnia was pretty affectionate today when I was sitting down.  As I’ve said before, she comes right up to you when you are lying down, but is a lot more shy when you are sitting or standing or walking around.  Today I was on the web, and was playing with a meowing cat button on Goma’s blog (  Calpurnia was very curious about the noise – not afraid, but wondering about it.   When she got close enough, I put her on the desk and she did spend some time looking for the source of the mews.  She also managed to put the portable into sleep mode by treading on the keyboard, which is embarrassing because I forgot how to undo it.  But after that, she did stand on my lap for about five minutes letting me pet her.

A little while later when I was watching television she jumped up onto the arm of the chair and let me pet her again, and even some brushing.  That’s probably only the fourth or fifth time she’s done that. One was on my birthday, which was nice.  Thinking back, she did it pretty often when she was in her isolation room right after her adoption, but not since she has been out in the whole house.

Since Gus was sleeping right in front of me, I managed to get a shot of his owie foot while I was at it.  A little irritation, and some annoyance when I poked at it trying to get this shot, but the needs of the blog public must come first.

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