Analyzing Julius Caesar

I took this photo a few days ago. He really was ‘resting’ in that position, the silly fellow. Sometimes he even partly cuts off his windpipe sitting in that pose and you can hear him wheeze a little bit.  Of course, once you point out how uncomfortable it is he has to stay in that position to prove how comfortable it is.

And its his turn to get his analysis, so let’s see what we can find out about Julie’s genes from his fur.

Since he’s a male cat, if he had the Orange gene it would show – no orange. The color of his stripes is true black, so he’s Black, not chocolate or cinnamon.  He’s a classic tabby, which is recessive, so we know his Tabby gene is T[b]/T[b]. Since the stripes show, we know he has one Agouti gene to show the striping. The ‘brownish’ background shows that he has a high level of rufousing – commonly called a “Brown Tabby”.

The black stripes mean he has the dominant dense gene, D. He has long hair, but it tends to lie along his body instead of poofing out.  Dominant white is not present either.

His only white mark is a small area beneath the back legs. This is probably a ‘button’ and not due to the White Spotting gene. So he must be s/s.  He’s not albino, fully or partially, so that must be C/-

The exotic Agouti modifiers – Inhibitor and Wideband aren’t a factor.

It’s interesting to compare Gus and Julius – they only differ in two genes – White Spotting and Agouti.  That’s quite a change in appearance for such a small difference.  And comparing him to Calpurnia, there’s only one more change – the Albino locus’ Pointed gene.

Of course, the Tabby gene is also likely to be different, but since the effect is masked on the other cats, that doesn’t affect the visible results at all.

Locus Genes Notes
Black B/- “Black”
Orange o/Y No Orange
Tabby T[b]/T[b] Classic Tabby
Agouti A/- Agouti present
Dilute D/- No Dilution
Long Hair l/l Long Hair
White Spotting s/s No white spotting
Albino C/- Not Albino
Dominant White w/w Normal coloring
Inhibitor i/i Normal Agouti
Wideband Agouti wb/wb Normal Band

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