Book Review – Legacy of the Cat

I discovered this book when searching online for genetic information.  The search found a result on Google Books –the book is Legacy of the Cat, 2nd Edison by Gloria Stephens, with photos by Tetsu Yamazaki.

I have only peeked on there once or twice myself, but in general they have very clear images of a good portion of some books on that site. So at a minimum you can see what you would be getting.

The main portion of the book is a short writeup on the history of each breed, with wonderful pictures. There are diagrams in the margins showing what colors and patterns are allowed.  But before that there is an overview of cat genetics for coat color and a little bit more for those interested. And since you can get the book for a penny (used) from Amazon and a few dollars shipping, you can’t beat the price.

There are also some charts showing head shape, and eye color that could be used to find the name for your cat’s coloring. In fact, the snippet in Google Books shows one of these charts – the Body Type chart.

It’s worth the price to me for the genetics chapter, or the pictures, or the overview of the breeds. To get them all at once is a double bonus.

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