Out and About

Last night I let the two homebody cats wander out in the front yard while Julius was off on his expedition.  Usually they have done a few minutes sightseeing and gone back inside, but this time they both got a bit more adventurous.

Gus went into the pool area, which isn’t too uncommon for him. Instead of hanging about in the shrubbery, this time he took the full walking tour of the edge of the pool.  I could only keep a partial look at him because Calpurnia was headed in the other direction.  She toured the neighbor’s driveway and parked car, and even peeked up onto their front  porch.  That’s a lot of fun for me because its hard to look natural hanging about in front of someone else’s front door.

She then went off in the other direction, toward the parking area in front of the pool towards the RV area.  I cut her off from going too far (like Julius does) and we did a ten minute dance where she would dodge around another parked car and head back home, only to cut back if I followed too quickly.  I especially don’t want her to get too used to hanging out where cars can drive.  My street isn’t high traffic, but better safe than sorry.

After ushering her back, I had to go fetch Gus in the pool area. He isn’t very hard to encourage to come back home, but I had to go fetch my key first. I found him in the far back of the fenced off area, and he led me back to the front door.

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2 Responses to Out and About

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Calpurnia is such a pretty girl!


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