Over the weekend I finally got some reinforcements to the plants in my ‘boxes’ near the patio.  Last year’s plants were mostly gone due to a lot of them being annuals and to some of them being palatable to the snail population.  The ones that made it are kind of ‘leggy’, since I’m not up on trimming theory, and I figure they need some slack for having survived.

These planters are pretty shallow and big plants, or even mediums, don’t go in. The soil in the yard turns to pretty firm clay under a thin skin, so it seems easier to build up rather than dig down.  The Dahlias above seemed to deep to fit, so I put them in their own bowl and put it where the sprinklers may keep it watered.

Years back  had a tall Dahlia that produced flowers for about three or four years until a heat wave and trip took too much out of it.  I used to have some pictures of it, somewhere.

I started this year’s snail wars by pitching a dozen or so over the back wall.  I don’t think they have a homing instinct, so that may help.  If only Julius was as interested in snails as he his in lizards and mice…

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