Cats and Slats

Little crazy cat action this week except for Julius busting curfew pretty much every other day, the little stinker. So tonight, since I want to go to bed early I kept him in while the others got to go out into the back yard for their constitutional.  He really didn’t enjoy that.

He’s kind of funny – he doesn’t give a lot of verbal feedback when he wants to go, just squirms a little and gets tense.  Then he squirms harder, and spits.  I’ve mulled over getting some kind of harness for him, although the once I tried a ‘normal’ one without success – he squirmed his way out of that, or mostly in a flash.  They do make some that fit tighter, that might work.  I’d even accept that resigned ‘I’m crushed by the weight of this thing’ flop.  That would beat him zooming off for hours when I can’t afford the time.

Calpurnia showed me something new the other day – I was petting her when she was up on the cat tree and she acted normally, but when I closed my hand into a loose fist she swatted it like a toy.  No claws out, or anything, just a bap bap bap. Pretty cute!

Of course her funnest action is the ‘cannonball sprint’ where she tears around the house up or down the stairs like a mad man, but she’s so fluffed out she resembles a spherical fur basketball more than a sleek panther-like cat.  Persians never get any respect.  If medieval witches had Persians as familiars nobody would have been afraid of them.

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