Guarding the Water Hole

I’m not sure what happened to the first version of this post – somehow four saved versions all lacked any content. Damn, it would have won the Pulitzer Prize.

I was off all day yesterday visiting Disneyland, which was fun if not without cost. I avoided serious burns by wearing a hat, but the people I was with were professional Disneylanders and they “druv us like hell” to quote an old southern straggler about Stonewall Jackson.  It was fun, but today my feet, legs, and fingers (?) are a little sore.

The cats were pretty happy to see me back. I don’t think they know the pattern of weekday and weekend, but they do seem to know ‘at home day’ vs ‘work day’ and this day’s pattern wasn’t either of them.  There was plenty of dry food about so they weren’t starving, but they appreciated the completion of work day pattern of my coming home, putting down food, and Julius getting to go out. Well, he didn’t actually get to go out, since it was very late, but he tried, just for form’s sake.

The picture is Gus doing one of his favorite things – hanging around the water fountain, making sure nobody else can use it unitl he’s done.  I haven’t heard of any conflicts over it, and there is another one elsewhere, and I prefer him drinking as much as he likes even if some of it is just to be annoying to the other cats. He’s getting into the age where dehydration can be an issue – aging kidney can use all the help they can get, and it can also cause a malaise that leads old cats eating less, losing weight and strength, and declining due to that.

I used to have a third unit, during the Drama period last year, that failed and I haven’t replaced.  You can even get units that refigerate the water for you!

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