Settling Places

Calpurnia is different in one big way from the boys, she doesn’t have one or two sleeping spots. She has a lot of them. including most of the places the boys sleep. Its pretty common to see her take over a spot they have left open and settle right in.  They let her get away with it, too.   When she started sleeping in the ‘ inbox’ basket Julius used to like he pretty much abandoned it and hasn’t gone back that I’ve seen. Gus will go and sleep in the cat beds she’s stolen when she leaves them vacant with no apparent problems.

She doesn’t just steal others’ beds. She’s invented a few of her own – wedged under the petals of an exercise machine,  for example.  She also moves a lot more often than the boys. often hitting a new spot every half hour or so.

At least everyone shares the cat tree spots without feeling left out. I’m thinking of getting a second tree just because there’s a corner that for some reason nobody ever sleeps in even though its cozy and out-of-the-way.

Another popular spot is the angle. In the exact center of the main room there’s a seam where carpet matches flooring. In the middle it bends at a 135 degree angle. Everyone likes sitting right on that spot. It’s a cat magnet.

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1 Response to Settling Places

  1. kimkiminy says:

    I find that mine have several favorite spots, but will rotate them around. One might favor a spot for a couple of weeks, then abandon it for a better one. That’s hilarious about the bend in the carpet. How strange they are!


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