Flashback – Julie versus Gravity

This is a set of pictures from 2006. I swear they were taken in that order, from left to right. Julie was an old hand at wall walking, but this was the first time I had ever seen a cat “un-jump” and pull himself back up once he hung himself that low.  Surely it would have been easy enough to jump down then get back up.

The pictures are taken from inside through a window, so that is why there is a little reflection and glare in the shots.

Julie’s climbing skills are one of the reasons I’m less concerned with his wandering about, because from what I’ve seen he doesn’t go too far from a fence or wall that he can climb to get away from trouble. And frankly, it can be a lot of trouble to keep him in if he has a mind to go. One year I tried to keep him inside when it was nice and the first problem was that I then had to stay inside, which in California isn’t that much fun, especially since I don’t run air conditioning.

The second problem showed up after three or four days of skirmishing with him over doorways. He finally trumped me by leaving through the garage while I was pulling in the car.  There’s a cat door in the kitchen to let them get to some litterboxes out there. I figured that the chance of running over my own cat was greater than him being hurt by wild beasts. And of course, he was out with the beasts as well.

Once he wasn’t being deprived, Julie doesn’t make that much fuss if I keep him in on any particular day and it isn’t constant warfare getting in and out. He’s only had a couple of injuries – one abcess on the side of his face that might have even been from Gus, and a wound on his side that looked like a scratch or cut gotten squeezing through a narrow fence opening. It was right at the spot where his “knee” is under the skin when hunched low.

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2 Responses to Flashback – Julie versus Gravity

  1. kimkiminy says:

    I’ve seen cats balance on their haunches and reach waaaaay far below themselves, and still being able to pull themselves back up again.

    Try filling your bathtub with an inch or two of water. Bet your cats will repeat the acrobatics.


    • Oldcat says:

      Well, last time I did that with Gus, he just sat in it. When I gave him a bath he even sat under the bathtub tap when I rinsed him off. But he’s odd that way.

      I may try that, but I think that experiment might be a good way to get roughed up by the cats.


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