Sleepy or Surly II


Ok, here’s another one of Calpurnia’s indecipherable looks. Sleepy? Or Surly?

Whichever, that look cracks me up every time.

This evening I let everyone out front to nose around.  Instead of rushing out and vanishing, Julie stuck around close and even went back inside early.  I suspect he’s been replaced by the pod-kitties from another world.  Gus went into the pool area and rubbed against the climbing ivy on the wall.  It’s not English Ivy but another plant.

Calpurnia went toddling off the other direction onto my neighbor’s front porch, which seems to be a trend among my female cats. Back in the day, I was in an apartment with two lady cats and whenever I let them onto my patio both would at once go around the wood screen dividing my patio from theirs and flop on their concrete.

She hasn’t gone this far yet, but she was all the way up to their front door sniffing at the scooters that are stored there.  Good thing nobody was home, she might have gone in the door.   A pair of Siamese cats live there, but I think she could take them.

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2 Responses to Sleepy or Surly II

  1. Jennifer K. says:

    She’s got such beautiful markings! Is she a Siamese mix?


    • Oldcat says:

      She’s a Himalayan Persian, which were originally developed in the 1930s or so by mixing in Siamese to get the coloring and blue eyes. But that was a long time back, so in other ways – body shape and character, they are like Persians rather than Siamese.

      I got Calpurnia from a shelter, so I don’t know her bloodlines, but she’s probably purebred Himmy.


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