Cat Magnet

I mentioned the other day the quirk that my cats like to sit in a particular spot, where the seam between wood floor and carpet makes an angle. Its more or less in the center of the room which ordinarly is a negative for a cat.

Yet its pretty common to find someone parked right on top of it.

This picture was taken maybe an hour or so after the first one, after everyone had been outside exploring. The half on, half off carpet seems to appeal to a cat’s nature, but the angle has attractions of its own.

The cats I have had seem to really like the half and half sleeping spots. I remember the days when  I had a big bed and sometimes would scatter books or magazines or folders on it.  Soon there would be a cat there, and almost always the front feet would be on the book and the back feet off, on the bedspread.

I’m coming up blank on a mystical explanation for it all. I guess they just like it that way.

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3 Responses to Cat Magnet

  1. kimkiminy says:

    It might be the center of the universe!


  2. It could be that someone slept there, and left their scent, and not everyone is following those markings.

    Is it close to the dinner table or something like that?


  3. Oldcat says:

    Its been a pattern for years and years. There’s nothing really close – its halfway between an exercise machine and a cat tree and a desk and the door.

    In the entire seam between the carpet and flooring, probably 90 percent and over are touching the angle. Both Gus and Julie lay down on it again today!

    The center of the universe explanation sounds better all the time.


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