Not Fooling Anyone Anymore

Gus has accumulated a number of quirks in his 14 years or so but one at least is a frequent annoyance to Julius. He takes it into his head to ‘play’ with him, which consists of biting him on the shoulder when he’s laying down.  The time varies, but often its right after Julius comes in from running about outside and is tired, trying to cool off on the tile floor.

He’s not very subtle. He has a special meow he uses when he’s starting to come around, so I can tell when there’s going to be a scrap. Well, not really a scrap, because most of the time Julius just lays there giving me a piteous look.

“Make him stop it!”

So I break it up.  If I’m too slow or Julie gets irked he can shrug his way out of it. Its not a hard hold, and after the first bite Gus just stays there.

This morning Gus tried a variation. He started licking Julius on the head. For the first thirty seconds he was good, then I saw him pause and glance at the bitey spot on the shoulder. Then he went back to licking the head for about a dozen licks. Another pause. More grooming – pause – grooming but the pauses got a little longer and closer together.  I thought I knew where this was going but finally Gus stopped grooming for a moment too long and..

Julie exploded from his prone position with a little triumphant noise and fled the room before Gus could even gather himself for a pounce.  Looks like I wasn’t the only one who knew exactly what Gus was up to the entire time.

All that grooming for nothing!

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5 Responses to Not Fooling Anyone Anymore

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Grooming and biting often go hand-in-hand…


  2. We were half expecting Julie to thwop Gus before he ran off.


    • Oldcat says:

      Julie is a very respectful lad. It might be better if he did, but normally he allows all sorts of liberties before trying to get away.

      A warning thwop might be just what Gus needs, but Julie won’t be the one to deliver it to him.


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