For the most part, Julie is all business when he is outside – walking the back wall looking and listening for anything interesting, watching any activity with an intensity that he almost never shows inside the house. Inside, he tends to forget where the other cats are until he jumps on top of them. Outside, he’s a junior panther, and serious.

I remember one time he was so intent on something that when  I came up behind him he levitated almost straight up two feet. The ‘almost straight’ meant he came down off the wall and fell another five.  No damage done.

There is one exception – sometimes if he sees me out there he will run to see me like a kitten, bouncing and bounding for all the world like Tigger in Winne the Poo. I caught this the other day as he bounced my way making little musical sounds to get my attention. Note that only the one front paw is touching the ground.

The kitten in a cat never entirely goes away.

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4 Responses to Zany

  1. nadbugs says:

    Sweet, heartwarming, and interesting. Why I read you. Thank you!


  2. He saw his momma, and decided he needed a quick cuddle.


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Our cats have done that, too. Bounding with springy feet and chirpy noises to their peeps, without a single thought of predators. Our late Kabuki used to slowly saunter up to the house, bellowing loudly in the dark as he went along.


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