On the Alert

Since we were talking about cats acting together, here’s a snap from the weekend of Gus and Calpurnia reacting to something in front of the house.  For whatever reason it looks like Calla is trying to smell it from where she is.  Gus is taking note, but isn’t scared.

Of course, sometimes somebody just doesn’t get the memo.

Julius usually gets down in the grass, and often eats quite a bit of it with the normal results later on.  That little clump will probably get pulled out soon – it staved off judgement by being under a folding chair for a while.  But until it goes, Julius will enjoy sitting in it.

Its pretty rare to get all three out together – Julius is often over the wall adventuring or one of the others stays inside.  This time was an exception, and there was only a little swattage from Calpurnia when Gus got too close.  A while later he looked like he might want a rematch, but I headed that off before it could escalate.

I got a bit of reading in, sitting in my folding rocker, with only a couple of interruptions from Julie sitting on my lap.  The others took turns lying down with feet and tail dangerously close to getting crushed.  What is it that makes them so often want to sleep where they can get trodden on?  It’s a mystery.

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4 Responses to On the Alert

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  2. nadbugs says:

    This one, this one! So he doesn’t look like Winston Churchill. He’s just as fine as all get-out regardless.


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