Quite a bit of adventure in the last day or so…

So much that poor Calpurnia needs to rest with her head cushioned on three of her four paws.

Mouse Hunt

Julius apparently heard my snide remarks about catching mice, so he caught one.  It wasn’t the one that started out in the house, but a new one.  I was able to collar this fellow and release him outside.  I’m not sure how damaged he was by the trauma, but he has his chance.

Neighbors Part One

I spotted this fellow looking down into my yard. My neighbor has two Siamese cats, a male and a female. I think this is the male one, who is pretty shy from all reports.  I’ve met the lady cat a few times. Once, she was out front while I was getting my mail.  She was in a hissy mood.  I said hello, and she hissed.  I crouched down, and she hissed in the other direction.  I petted her, and she hissed in a third direction.

Apparently the hissing wasn’t personal.

I even held her on my lap for a bit, which made her hiss.  She’s my kind of cat.

The other time she was out in her back yard when Julius went over and she chased him over the wall.  She was up on top, hissing, and the two boys were watching from the safety of the house.  I got to pet her a little while she hissed at the boys.  This was a few years ago, before I got Calpurnia.  I’m not sure how she would react – she’s a bit more territorial than the male cats are.

Neighbors Part Two

Today after getting the mail I let the cats out to roam the front and Calpurnia went a little too far out front.  Some of the neighbors’ children spotted her and a little blonde girl and her brother (about 7 and 4) and an older girl (maybe 9) from another family came running to see the cats, shouting how they loved cats.

As soon as they got close enough Gus ran upstairs to the furthest part of the house.  Julius, who was being naughty sitting on a parked car hood, ran for it as soon as I pointed him out – she’s seen him walking the walls a few times, apparently when she was swimming.  He ran under the gate to the RV area (he came back a while later, when the coast was clear).

Calpurnia was braver, so I brought her out to give them a chance to pet her. She was pretty nervous – cats are far more scared of little kids than adults.  But she was only moderately nervous, like a vet visit.  I put her on the fat porch rail so her feet were down and kept a good hold so they could get a look and a touch or two.

It went pretty well, all things considered.  And she was unscarred by it – just now she did a ‘crazy eyes’ scamper around the cat tree and picnic table out back and then back in.

Even Gus came down eventually.   Once everyone was long gone.

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4 Responses to Neighbors

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Gracie’s a growler and a hisser, too. Seems to come out of nowhere, and she doesn’t seem to get upset or run off.


    • Oldcat says:

      I haven’t seen it in any other cat, it sure is strange. Now, Julius is the opposite – he will never growl or meow, just stew until he has enough and blats out a big “HISS” with no previous warnings.


      • kimkiminy says:

        It seems to come about when we’re petting her up. I think they just get too excited sometimes. Sometimes it comes out as biting. Sometimes it comes out as growling or hissing. Either way, considering their razor-sharp teeth and claws, we err on the side of caution!


      • Oldcat says:

        Julius can do that all by himself. He will ‘auto-pet’ himself If I stand nearby looking at him if he’s in the mood and work himself up into full crazy mode.


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