All Tucked In

The other day I mentioned an area that the cats don’t use much. This is a spot that someone is using nearly all the time.

The bed is Gus’ favorite bed. I remember several years ago I picked it up and was going to wash it, so I took it into the garage laundry room. Then I didn’t get around to washing it. A few days later I was looking for Gus and he was out in the garage sitting in his little bed. It’s a tight fit for Gus, so I bought a larger one a while ago and put it in his favorite spot, and put this one up on the window seat. There’s a little step up so Gus can get to it if he wants to.

Since then it has been getting additions. Everyone’s favorite beat up firecracker (not the one in the other post) lives here to make it nicer. I added the back support pillow a few weeks ago when I found it unused somewhere in the house.

There’s a funny story about the faux rat. This toy was a gift from my mom when I adopted Calpurnia. One day last year I came downstairs and saw it by the front door. Then I went into the next room and saw the rat there, too.


It turns out Julius had caught and killed a virtually identical real rat and brought it home as a present.

The socks are new. I was sorting clean laundry and found some socks had lost most of their elastic. So I set them aside there in case a cat would like the new clothes smell.  Well Calpurnia sure does.

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5 Responses to All Tucked In

  1. I am very happy that you bought Gus a proper sized bed! He deserves it.


    • Oldcat says:

      He does, but he’s such a stick-in-the-mud about new things that he often avoids new things that I get for him until they have ‘marinated’ for long periods by being around. He’s content with the way things are for the most part.

      Welcome to the blog! I’ve read yours off and on for some time.


  2. What a wonderful spot, with all the things to make it 100% cozy! My Sylvester is like Gus, there’s only ONE bed for him and woe betide any other inhabitant.


  3. “It turns out Julius had caught and killed a virtually identical real rat and brought it home as a present”

    He figured out you liked rats, so he went and got you another one. 🙂


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