Anti-Gardening Post!

If gardening is the growing of plants you intend to grow, I don’t do much of it. Today, I spent some time hacking back plants that I didn’t intend to grow. Example number one is this English Ivy, which has spread into the yard from the front. After numerous warnings about growing up the stucco or over the rocks, you can see the flagrant disregard of a reasonable request.

I also dealt with a few clumps of crabgrass that were getting too saucy. With a yard of my size, you can take a personal interest in each clump. You do need to wear gloves, or they will cut you back. If you trim them to ground level, they will only come back once or twice before dying out. You can root them out too if you are feeling energetic.

I did a little thinning of the plants I do like, but I’m always too afraid of doing too much, so plants get all thin and leggy. I found a few places where the Star Jasmine was attacking the Purple Potato Bush, and cut them off.

Calpurnia was out morally supporting me from a distance until I took a break. Then she found the camera strap and was off..

Not the best picture, but its hard when someone is tugging at the camera while you take it.

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3 Responses to Anti-Gardening Post!

  1. kimkiminy says:

    I like the ivy… but can see why you need to keep the upper hand on it.


    • Oldcat says:

      The association doesn’t want it up the stucco, it covers up the sprinkler heads, and I’m a little more down on it since I found it’s toxic to cats. I need to find some aggressive grower that isn’t. Mint grew like crazy in our backyard in Ohio, maybe it would do well.

      Julius eats some grass, Calla has bit holes in the odd leaf, but they aren’t big grazers. Threre’s also some poofball plants out front that are probably in the lily family and thus bad news for cats as well.


      • kimkiminy says:

        My mom got into it with her HOA over ivy also. She loved it – it was one of the major things that attracted her to the condo in the first place. It had to go.
        Most cats are instinctively smart about what not to eat. Mint will take over your yard if you let it. And it gets all ugly and half-dead in the winter. Good luck.


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