The Many Moods of Julius

It has been a while since adult Julius has been pictured, but he has been around in his normal quiet way.  The hunting hasn’t been stellar if he is even trying very hard. He’s come back at normal hours without giving any cause for worry.

He’s eating well, as shown by the above picture of an after dinner lip cleaning session.

Julie had a funny incident with Calpurnia the other day. He was strutting around near the door and turned and saw her getting up facing the other way.  He took a couple of steps and swatted her on the rump.  She darted a foot or two and ripped off one of her ferocious spits, but that was as far as it went as Julius went on outside.

Then yesterday she was sleeping near the door and he went over to her and stopped and bowed his head to her.  An apology?

Later that evening he set himself on the outside table and looked for all the world like he was meditating.  You could see him breathing very deeply.  But he was not sleeping, instead it was like he was getting a sensory impression of the neighborhood using everything but his eyes.  A minute or so later and he was off and out exploring.

UPDATE: He must have heard me disparage his hunting, as he brought back a mouse just now.

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5 Responses to The Many Moods of Julius

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Was his mouth slightly ajar? He may have been taking the scent of the air with his Jacobson’s organ.


  2. kerrycooks says:

    Ah he looks so cute there on the table taking everything in!


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