Plant Life

The Devil Plant, the Star Jasmine is on the march again. You can see a reaching tendril starting to wrap around a branch of the “Purple Potato Bush” tree. In time, it will tighten and even start to strangle the tree. Or it will grow on top of the tree, and start to crush it under its weight and block out the light from its leaves.

From the wild side, outside the yard, some honeysuckle and a rose vine are also climbing into and over the little tree. Poor thing is under attack from all sides.

It was a slow day – the cats are over the novelty of having me around on vacation all day and are missing their usual naps. Julius did catch a lizard, but he let it go on the back patio and it managed to wiggle into a crack between the house and the patio. Calla and Gus were outside with me in the evening and Calla did her usual biting the foliage. She really likes these tree seedlings that are just her height and bites little holes in them with her fangs. She doesn’t eat parts, but there are little vampire hole scars on her favorite leafs.

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3 Responses to Plant Life

  1. littlemiao says:

    it sounds like an idyllic afternoon in the kitty garden!


  2. Julius, you mean you caught a lizard and let it go?? Why??? 😉


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