Comma, Cat

Julius wasn’t a major participant in the hijinx yesterday, but his public hasn’t forgotten him. The search “What is the mood of the play Julius Caesar” found this post, which was certainly just what the searcher had in mind.

As a patron of the arts, Julie is now doing his impression of his favorite punctuation mark.

He also pulled an all nighter last night, the first one in quite a while.  When I was off work, he came home about ten or eleven like clockwork. The day before I go back to work, he’s off on the town.


The other day I gave a theme song for Gus to match Calpurnia and Julius, but I never actually gave the song for Julius Caesar. Here it is, from an anime show called “Noir” —

I think it suits him well.

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3 Responses to Comma, Cat

  1. Now that’s one comma that would make me pause (paws?)!


  2. kimkiminy says:

    Gracie also pulled an all-nighter the night before last. Today, she went out and napped in her favorite tree for a few hours, and now she’s inside, curled up in her toy-box like a dead thing. Maybe it has to do with the full moon?


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