Murder Most Foul?

What’s this?  Calpurnia murdered by a blow to the head with a pine cone?  Who would be low enough to do such a foul deed?

A close investigation by trained detectives revealed —

— cue sinister background music and curtain ! —

Disclaimer – no cats were hurt in the performance of this playlet.

And here’s the proof:

 Actually I stepped on the pine cone myself late last night after losing my balance a little making sure nobody was outside with bare feet.  Caught the edge of a rock and then the cone right in the arch.   Quite an owie, but no permanent damage done.  I thought it was pretty funny when Calpurnia flopped down right next to it.

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3 Responses to Murder Most Foul?

  1. kimkiminy says:

    I see you munched it pretty good there. Calpurnia was probably indulging in a bit of schadenfreude. “Clumsy hooman…”

    Dang she is SO cute!!!


  2. theRealSasha says:

    Love the first heavy is the cat?


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