Promise Kept

Several months ago, I started thinking about getting a second cat tree. I did some looking up of deals on the web, and pondered those eight foot tall crazy trees but realized they could never fit in my limited living room space.

Also, my cats are pretty large and I wondered if the platforms on those mail order ones would even fit them. The other day I was in a big box Pet store  and saw a really nice tree, so I went and got it. Calla was interested at once, while the boys were more cautious…

There are actually three sleeping baskets, plus a flat platform. One is low enough that even old Gus can clamber into it without jumping…

The area in the back corner by the stairs is underused – its hard to get at the shelves that were there, and for whatever reason the area was never used by any cat for sleeping or playing. But to get the tree in, the shelf and books had to come out.  I made a big square stack of books and emptied the shelves, then moved the shelves out.  Julie at once decided that his was far better than any commercial cat tree and took over…

Here’s a good view in its place. You can also see the low basket under the platform. I’ve seen all three cats at least poke themselves into it once.  Calla shows the flat platform use, for lounging and ….

…for keeping an eye on me at my downstairs desk. The top two nests can see the whole room…

So far, nobody has quite figured out how to clamber from the bottom basket to the crow’s nest basket on top.  Julius figured that he can jump up there from the edge of the sofa chair and got up that way.  This may cut down on the crisis of Cat A climbing up on top of Cat B.

Julius in his “Liquid Cat” mode can pour out of either end of the crow’s nest.  He spent a lot of the night and day up there.

I thought that Gus with his age and limited jumping ability would be a low flier, but he figured out how to get to the top nest all on his own.  He climbed over through the railing of the stairs right in.  He’s not quite as sure about going any further down…

But upward is a possibility!  I’m glad that he showed that they can still get up there – they used to be able to go through the railing, then down to the top of the other book shelf and jump up.  It has been a place for them to feel safe for a while,  and it would be a shame if it was not accessible anymore.

So far, so good.

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4 Responses to Promise Kept

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Looks like it’s a hit! Have you heard of wrapping sisal rope around the columns to preserve the carpet? It works really well.


    • Oldcat says:

      Of the three cats I have, Calla likes carpet, Julius Sisal, and Gus likes bare wood. Gus has his own places to scratch, and doesn’t use the trees. When I say bare, I mean bare. LIke his mentor Cassie (a cat I had for 20 years) he disdains wood that has been stained or painted, but only bare untreated wood is acceptable. So as long as I have one of those about, nice things are safe.

      There is a Sisal post on the new tree, but it is tucked in the back and is probaby too far back and short for Julius. The old tree has a nice tall sisal post that he uses exculusively. The sisal on that post is ‘hairy’ but still intact.

      Calla claws at the stairs, the flat carpet, the trees on all levels, and the new tree. She doesn’t seem to do enough damage to ruin a tree. And since I’m a guy, ‘ruin’ has a far broader definition than the average lady, much less the Martha Stuart types.

      As long as they have something they like better, none of them have damaged the leather chair in the living room, or the microfiber one either. Either I have taken the proper precautions, or I am lucky in my cats.


  2. kimkiminy says:

    You have a leather chair and three cats? Great spirit must be looking over you.


    • Oldcat says:

      When Julius was little, he used to get so excited when I got home he would run from the door straight to the corner of a ratty old couch and scratch at it. I got a nice sisal post and put it right there and he went to using that exclusively. When I replaced the couch with the leather chair and the post with a tree that includes a sisal post he never skipped a beat – that’s his place to scratch and he doesn’t use any other.

      They may have made a few scuff marks on it over the years, but no more than I have made myself with my fingers.


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