Quiet Sunday?

Saturday was quiet during the day, as there were fellows chopping the brush outside the back wall making a lot of noise. But when evening came, Julie had to go out and investigate and was out all night again. He doesn’t keep me up when he is here, but when he isn’t I wake up all the time. This morning I gave up and got up at 5 AM, and he showed up about half an hour later.

The pictures are from the other day when I was practicing taking shots with the camera at odd angles and looking at the viewfinder edge on. In this set Gus looked up for the final shot as if to say – what the heck are you doing?

As usual, the answer is “I barely know what the heck I am doing, Gus”

Well, not much to say so here’s some videos I like:

November the cat discovers the Treadmill….

Idaho the Mythicbells Kitten Attacks!

The Mythicbells ‘I’ litter discover tree climbing…

Boring Cat Genetics Note:  the four kittens are ‘Golden Persians’ which have a genetic trait that will probably suppress the tabby stripes and spots and leave a general gold color with a little black tipping.

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