Artsy Post

I was taking some pictures as the daylight faded. This is often the case when trying to get some pictures in after work. It seems that if I am close, I get a spotlight like effect, and the background gets black. If there is a wall close by it almost looks like full daylight. This is a pretty distant shot of Gus and color was leached out of all but a few elements in the picture. I’ve seen pictures like this, but I assumed they were processed in Photoshop or some such.

Calpurnia was out too, and she plunked herself down on a rock a foot and a half or so from Gus and looked at him.  A little bit later she started rolling on the rock in so doing rolled closer to him and from her upside-down position saw him and decided he was too close and gave him a few biffs.  Poor Gus recoiled back a little and biffed back, but now his mood was spoiled and he soon went inside.  This picture is from just before he went in and he’s giving Calla a bit of a stink-eye.

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1 Response to Artsy Post

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Looks like he’s grumbling. I love how his eye lit up, too.


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