Shared Moments

The end of the day today was a little different, as we all four wanted to enjoy the slow fading of the sunlight together instead of off doing our own things. The fact that three of the four are cats doesn’t change the fact that you can get too involved in your own individual pursuits at the expense of more important things.

Calla staked out her spot first, along the edge of the path where there are many large stones for a cat or a human to sit.  Gus sat on the other side of the path, and politely faced in a different direction so as to not start any tiffs.  Julius took quite a bit longer to wind down and relax on his own stone in our little circle.

Every so often one of the cats would catch a sound or sniff a scent on the breeze, which sometimes was picked up on by the others like a trio of small radar dishes. Calla kept shifting closer to Julius’ spot. I even got them both to play with each end of a piece of straw for a little while. Miraculously, Julius wasn’t dialed up to his usual 11 out of 10 energy level and did not go crazy with the game.

Then Gus came over and gave Julie a little sniff on the forehead and moved on to commune with one of the shrubs closer to where I was sitting.  He folded his ears low to avoid getting a twig poked in and rubbed the bush’s scent all over his head and face.  Simple pleasures are the best.

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2 Responses to Shared Moments

  1. Wazeau says:

    One of those moments that remind us why we join our lives with cats.


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