Date on Slate

This evening after opening up the house to the air I had to make one of those enjoyable calls to a corporate support operator about some wayward information.  So when I got out into the cool I found that the communal relaxing had started without me.

It’s good to see them keeping each other company without any one feeling awkward or tense.  I’m sure Calla got there first as that edge is her favorite place to lounge if the sun isn’t too hot.

Even on the third day the Straw of Doom still casts its spell.  Today broke it up almost completely, so a new twig or leaf seems to be in order.  I like the ‘balanced on one paw’ cat loaf look Calla sports here.

Gus watches from the other side of the path with glowing eyes. His response is: “Maybe my eyes wouldn’t be GLOWING if you’d LAY OFF WITH THE FLASH! PUT IT DOWN!!!!”

Gus does a pretty good Sam Kinnison imitation.

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1 Response to Date on Slate

  1. kimkiminy says:

    I used to love Sam Kinnison. Such a shame he died so young.


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