Outtake Friday

The last couple of photo sessions out produced some odd pictures that didn’t fit into the other posts. So I collected them here.  Some might call this laziness, I call it genius.

Here’s a picture of Gus looking totally normal. That’s what’s wrong with it!  In all the other shots, his eyes are glowing like a lantern, pupil, iris, all of it.  So how did a straight on full shot somehow not reflect back any light?

This may involve those spirits that were proposed by the commenters earlier.

Here Julius is receiving a blessing from the heavens above…


At least this time, I know how it came about.  I was holding the camera awkwardly and managed to mask part of the flash or deflect it downward.  It looks like a little spotlight on him. The faint sparkly effect of his agouti hairs on the face is a nice touch.

You don’t need Photoshop to produce interesting effects… You just need some ham-handed incompetence and to lack the shame to keep you from posting your blunders on the internet!


What could be cuter than a Persian kitty lounging outside on a summer evening?  Well, not this picture!

It reminds me of a scene in a teen slasher flick just moments before the guy with the claw arm and/or hockey mask slays her in an ironic fashion, ending with a memorable quip as a warning to the nice girl who survives to the end of the movie…

Well at least the end of the first movie out of the 19 planned sequels.

In reality, Calpurnia was just moving from one relaxed pose to another. No chain saws were involved, honestly.

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7 Responses to Outtake Friday

  1. Sometimes the outtakes are the best!


  2. kimkiminy says:

    What are agouti hairs?


    • Oldcat says:

      On a tabby cat, the hairs that form the ‘background’ for the stripes are not a second solid color, but are banded with different levels of the same color as the stripe from base to tip. The ‘engine’ that lays the pigment on the hair turns off, then on, then off to form the bands. There is another gene that can disable this on/off feature, which is why Gus and Calla don’t display tabby striping except in the most subtle way.

      The easiest place to see it is on Julie’s nose – if you zoom way into it, you can see that its a mix of light and dark bits, not a uniform grey or grey brown.

      This tends to break up the outline of the cat when hiding. A lot of animals have this kind of hair.


  3. nadbugs says:

    Agouti: Kind of like a nice real Harris tweed?


  4. All my best shots are accidents!
    And–who needs chain saws with claws about?


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