Flashback – Baby Julie

I have never really organized my pictures in any coherent way, so it has taken me a while to dig up some older pictures so they can be put on here, or Flickr, or just viewed. Instead they are on a gaggle of aging computers and obsolete media that I am going to eventually stick on my newest machine with the big fat drives.

Well today I did find the pictures from Julius’ first day here in 2002 – October 12.  Here he is sacked out in his safe room.  This is later in the day, so I figure I brought him that morning and let him explore.  I also soon realized that I was heading for a spell of illness and that I needed to leave him alone in there more than I would have liked.

Gus had already been allowed inside to meet him…without too much incident. I do remember a moment where Julius bounced too close to Gus in his basket fortress and got hissed at.  Julius puffed up and danced sideways but any further crisis was averted and Julie was soon wandering around other parts of the room, while Gus watched.

Picture quality is pretty low mostly because the flash is off and in the low light indoors the exposure times are long.  With my unsteady hand a lot of pictures are blurred.  Plus in those days I was more into playing than taking lots of pictures. I was too used to the old film days when you counted every shot because the film and development cost so much.

It’s hard to get a sense of scale, but I do remember that in the hissing incident, I noticed that all of Julie was about as large as Gus’ head.

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3 Responses to Flashback – Baby Julie

  1. fivecatflyer says:

    Awww… we just lurrve baby kitty pikshurs! And baby Julie is total doll!


  2. kerrycooks says:

    So cute – he’s a ball of fluff!


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