Hot Town

It’s been hot the last two days for about the first time in a couple of years. The official temperature for the city was 102 yesterday, and presumably a little less today. My house happens to be a bit higher in altitude and catches the end of the coastal sea breeze, so it was maybe 5-10 degrees cooler here with a breeze. Normally, everyone would be used to it, but the last two years it has hardly cracked 90 most days.

As everyone who has had cats knows, there is a cat-mometer that is a better measure of true temperature than the weather service – is you cat balled up in a circle, sitting normally, or flattened out on the coolest possible surface?  Saturday was a day were everyone except Julius was finding the best possible tile floor surface to lie flat on to keep cool.  And even Julius basically slept the day away.

Today they were a bit more comfortable until after noon, so I’d gauge it as a bit cooler.  One nice thing about my location is that with the high position the temperature drops quickly in the evening toward more tolerable levels even on the hottest days.

So last evening after it was cooling and Julius was up on the wall separating the yard from the pool area and something below caught his attention. He was so focused on it that when a neighbor lady was calling out “kitty kitty” he took no notice. Then her male companion shouted something loudly enough and he jerked and ran inside.

To his credit, the neighbor apologized to me for startling him.  And personally, I’d rather he gave random people a wide berth – I wouldn’t bet that cat fatalities are higher to coyotes than teenage kids, even in California.

Julius can get pretty focused. One time I touched him when he was in that mood and he leaped straight up about three feet. Since he was on a 5 foot wall, this made his final landing a bit of a blow as he did not come down on the wall again.  No harm done but to dignity.

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4 Responses to Hot Town

  1. We’ve had one of our hottest summers in SC this summer. Looking forward to some cooler weather.

    Mom Paula


    • Oldcat says:

      Well, in SC at least its a dry heat …

      no, that’s not right.

      Even with the heat it isn’t normal around here – it actually rained a little on Friday. When I moved out here and stacked some boxes outside on a balcony I mentioned to a native that I’d have to hurry and move them in before it rained and he laughed, saying there wouldn’t be any rain until about November.


  2. kimkiminy says:

    It’s been in the mid-nineties here for the past couple of days. Gracie has a shady rock outside that she molds her body to.


  3. We are in the middle 110’s here in Vegas…the Horde sleeps indoors and carouses out on the Catio after sunset.


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