Outtake Friday

Since I don’t have a great post theme in mind for today I thought I would pull some odd pictures out of the bin and talk about them and see where it takes us.

Take a look at the photo below. I know I say that Julie has a super long tail, but this is crazy long.  Either it has grown a lot or there is some photo trickery going on.

The sun and shadow mixed with Gus’ black and white really makes a hash of this picture, but I like it anyway.  Mostly because it shows Gus in his claw scratching mode which is pretty hard to do as he only likes to do it on bare soft wood.  The wood posts of the scratching tree are unsuitable.
He looks a lot like a little bear in his posture.  You can also see something I’ve mentioned a few times before about his tail.  Notice how it is not straight out like normal cats do or even curled around.  Instead he has it curled in a tight circle so that it looks like it is tied up in a bun.

So here’s a nice picture of  Calpurnia in crazy mode on the stair landing.  Love how she’s clutching the carpet.  Nice shot!  Eyes not glowing!!  Random glob of cat spit up!!!


Someone, probably Julie, had left a hairball plus breakfast in the bedroom that day and I had not detected this little satellite site until then.

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4 Responses to Outtake Friday

  1. fivecatflyer says:

    Julie, what have you been eating to grow your tail so looooong?

    ~Slash & Bronzy


  2. That long tail is amazing! The Cats here are envious. I’m cracking up about the word “satellite”–it’s purrfect!


  3. kimkiminy says:

    That is a seriously long tail. Gracie’s is longer than normal, too. Probably helps her climb trees.
    And what an adorable shot of Calpurnia. She’s making “jazz hands!”


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