Reluctant Guest

I’m a little surprised at all the comments the last post garnered.  It seems Internet strangeness is almost as interesting as cats!  I’m sure it was all a coincidence (or was it?) but around the time of the French/Canadian likeathon there was an explosion of action here.

Julie came barreling in the door with a guest!  Calpurnia followed him in and there was a swirl of action.  I went to get a tissue to grab the mouse.  Julie did drop him but far enough away from any furniture that he was able to keep him corralled.  After a couple of false starts I managed to grab the little fellow away.

I decided to try to get a picture, but it is hard to hold a mouse with one hand and take a picture with the other.  I’m pinching his tail on the left to keep him from leaping away.  He didn’t seem to be too badly hurt — except maybe his back legs.  I let him go over the back fence and shut Julie in for the night to give him his best shot.

As the victor Julie claimed the coveted ‘point’ spot to cool down and soon Gus came over to give him some licks on the head.  Gus was good and did not bite Julie for quite some time.

After getting scolded for his biting, Gus found his own spot and decided to groom himself, leaving Julie in peace for the evening.  After that he used the box behind him to get back into the black and white cat bed where it all started out.

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5 Responses to Reluctant Guest

  1. Wazeau says:

    Such excitement!


  2. kimkiminy says:

    I’ll never forget the night our dear departed Kabuki, by far our best mouser, brought in TWO mice at once, both in his mouth. One was still alive, one was not. Of course, he immediately dropped the live one and proceeded to frantically try to get it back again. We didn’t get a lot of sleep with Kabuki on patrol.


  3. littlemiao says:

    Oh my mousie! I can’t believe you actually got a picture of it. Two days ago, Chun caught *two* mice. We couldn’t save them. Usually my father tries to rescue the mouse to release outside but more often than not, our interference just allows the mouse to escape into the walls. Chun is so serious about mouse-hunting. The older Miao Brothers like chasing mice now and then, but as a general rule they live by the principle of nap and let nap.

    Gus is so sweet. Awwww. (maybe not the biting, though)


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