Hunting Tales

There was a little bit of discussion in the comments of the hunting post of the day before yesterday about hunting triumphs. Kimkiminy related the tale of her cat Kabuki bringing home two mice in the same mouthful.  This is impressive, to say the least.  The best Julius has managed in that line is two lizards.  He will have to work harder to earn the “Seven in One Blow” belt.

But the exchange made me remember an incident in 2005 which would have topped almost everything.  I was out front reading and saw Julius looking into the pool area.  When I got there I what I saw made me go get the camera….

Duck lovers can relax – he did not bring any of them down. They moved on soon after that, either to a real lake or farther north on their migration route.  But he was thinking about it, if it wasn’t for that nasty damp stuff in the way.

I’m not sure if this counts as ‘hunting’, but one year when I was living in Chicago my cat Cassie managed quite a capture.  She had dug a hole in the bedroom screen over time so that she could go out.  About the only thing  I ever saw her do was go down the back porches to the ground to use it as a huge litterbox.  The only problem was that a neighborhood cat found the hole and decided to come in from time to time.

Cassie didn’t like this and there were a few loud altercations between her and ‘Alien Cat’ but since he was a burly whitish Tom and she wasn’t, he tended to make her back off unless I came in and scared him off.

One night I woke up to some strange noises from the kitchen.  The cries sounded like Cassie, but the banging and bumping didn’t.  I went in and turned on the light and there was Cassie, following Alien Cat around as he backed up in circles running into things, smacking him with total impunity.  She could do this because he had is head caught in a box from the garbage bag and couldn’t get it out. Presumably she had ambushed him from behind as he was investigating the box and he had jammed his head into it solidly in when he was startled.

So capturing a wild alley cat larger than you are by quite a margin counts as quite a coup.  I removed the box from ‘Alien Cat’ and released him back outside.  I don’t recall if he ever came back after that.

With that kind of heritage to live up to, the current lady cat of this family likes to keep her hunting skills sharp. Here she does ‘curls’ of the camera strap to build forward paw strength.  Those mousie’s don’t catch themselves!

After a workout, a cooldown period is necessary to avoid cramping.  Just to be extra careful, Calpurnia often repeats the cooldown period many times.

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5 Responses to Hunting Tales

  1. I would have loved to have seen Cassie in action! What a memory.

    Cal, remember lots of protein and catnip builds strong bones and muscles!


  2. littlemiao says:

    Cassie was a clever hunter. Amazing!

    Calpurnia is so beautiful and contemplative in the last picture.


  3. kimkiminy says:

    My goodness, what a coup, indeed! His dignity must have been severely bruised.

    I’ve seen Gracie stalk wild turkeys five times her weight… from a reasonable distance.


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