Yesterday I went to one of the superstores to get pet supplies and like usual I bought a cat toy.  This was a catnip impregnated orange worm.  And as is typically the case, Gus set the pattern for them all by shunning it, after which the others more or less let it lie.

Some day I have to go collect most of the toys I have about and take them to the shelter where someone might like them.  Usually, they are rejected forever. Every so often a toy that has been shunned for months becomes popular.  And some toys are popular forever, no matter how old they are.

Calla has a catnip filled mouse that she will toss around upstairs.  I think the catnip was last replaced in 2007.  I remember when I had my two lady cats in Chicago they both loved a little cloth ‘burlap sack’ catnip toy that they rubbed against as if it were the strongest thing ever for year after year for at least 5 years and maybe almost twice that long.  In the end it was flat and empty, but they still loved it better than anything.

Luckily the cat beds, mats and trees are not so scorned.  And even better, Calpurnia has started using some that were avoided by the others, which actually has led to a little bit of emulation by the boys. I like the way she points both back feet even though she is only working on the one.  It looks like a yoga position.

Her fur is really starting to thicken up for fall which sometimes makes her look round as a football.  Here instead it looks like wisps of smoke of different shades of cream and brown and white. Oh, “brown” is too plebeian for a Persian lady – it is called “Seal”.

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10 Responses to Habits

  1. Wazeau says:

    I think I have that same orange worm. My cats ignored it too! I don’t know why I bother sometimes. Their favorite toys remains the discard tape from my Netflix wrappers, used q-tips, parrot feathers. And of course empty boxes. Sigh.

    Beautiful photos as always. Almost makes me want a long-haired cat. Don’t think my two short-hairs would like that though.


  2. Buy ’em books, send em’ to school, and they still eat the covers! My Crew scorns most store toys, opting for lint, leafs and bugs…*sigh*


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Do you brush Calla every night? How long does it take?


    • Oldcat says:

      In the spring I did brush her almost every day. I have been less regular the last couple of months as there wasn’t a lot coming off and she isn’t matting.

      It doesn’t take very long – well the brushing doesn’t, sometimes the fetching does – but I plunk her on my lap and do the back and sides for a few minutes, then the front and chest and try and get a few strokes on the undersides and under the front legs with her standing on two legs before she wiggles out of my grip. Then I do a few more on top to settle her down. By then she is usually purring again and gives me a bump on the chin with the top of her head and jumps down for food. Elapsed time maybe five to seven minutes. If I stayed on the top she would probably let me go longer.

      I tend to do it when I get home from work and I’m looking at a little TV anyway, or listening to music.

      If I got her cut like I did in January, the brushing is a lot less. I had her trimmed to maybe an inch/inch and a half long all over. The picture in the header right under ‘ThreeCatYard’ is about 2 months later, and still kind of short.


  4. lauren says:

    Isn’t it funny how that happens? This is why I usually boycott store-bought toys and stick with crumpled up pieces of paper and socks 🙂


  5. littlemiao says:

    Funny enough, we have the same orange worm! How many orange catnip worms can there be, anyways? My mother gave it to Chun, who sort of sucked on it for a while and then ignored it. Sprocket thinks everything is a toy, and orange worms are no exception. It’s not his favorite, but he will play with it. Once, I even saw him carrying it in his mouth. He likes toys that roll, though, and the worm is stubbornly sedentary.

    Gorgeous photos! I love Calpurnia’s many shades.


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