Grab Bag o’ Gus

Usually when I decide on what to make a post on and what pictures to use, I just add those images to the library.  Sometimes, however, I add an extra picture or change my mind on which one to use after the fact.  Recently I looked at the list of ‘unattached’ pictures and noticed it was getting big.  So I will use them up on this post and kill two birds with one stone.

The picture above is from about six or seven years ago, so Gus would be about half his present age.  He just looks so young here!

And now today.  Earlier there was a knock on the door from a neighbor kid and Gus took of upstairs like a rocket with Julius in tow. Calpurnia did not react as strongly and stayed down with me.  It may take him a while to come back down.

He’s been getting some Glucosamine supplements in his evening food for a while and it does seem to make him a bit more spry in going up and down the big staircase.  And no matter how hard it is, no cat wants you to pick them up and help them get about.  I have put some discreet stepping stone boxes in key spots to help him jump up to some favorite spots.

A slightly different variant of a picture in another post. It looks like he is grasping the sunny dots from the blinds with his paws.

One nice effect of making these blog posts is that Gus has found an opening to hang around very close to my desk chair while I do it.  Like all the cats, he tends to be around me as I do things, but when I used to play games he would be farther back out in the hall, and when I watch TV he sits behind the chair or even further back.

With him so close, I can just lean sideways a little and give him a scratch or a pat when I need to.

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2 Responses to Grab Bag o’ Gus

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Awww… How old is Gus?

    He reminds me of my old (still missed) cat, who was fluffy like that, and rumpled in his old age. He died at just past 14.

    He didn’t have arthritis, but a cat friend of his did, and the glucosamine made a world of difference.

    What a handsome old guy. (Don’t tell Cal and Julie, but Gus is my favorite)


    • Oldcat says:

      He turned 14 sometime this spring to summer. I don’t recall his exact ‘gotcha’ day so that I could back calculate a birthday closer than that.

      Aside from the rumpledness and some stiffness, he isn’t showing the frailness that really old cats like Cassie did when she was 17 or 18. So barring a major condition, he could keep ticking for some time. Cassie made it just past 20.


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