Slow Day with Moppets

The last day or so has been kind of sluggish for everyone – Julius even stayed in yesterday without complaining.  That has to be a record. He did do one thing I don’t think he has ever done.  I was lying down reading and had a clutch pillow supporting the book.  Julie came up and starting doing biscuits on the pillow.  But not your wussy namby-pamby starfish paws biscuits – these were full-power, with the paws going six inches deep into the pillow each time.


Miss Moppet loses her MouseJulie is kind of funny that way. He may go for days and days without needing any more affection than a word or two, then he will decide to change his mind and drape himself across your neck like a fox stole in bed, or perch on your lap all evening like a true lap cat.

Calla has been having some sneezing jags a couple of times a night lately. She’s almost due for a vet checkup anyhow.

An unrelated search the other day led to me finding that the Beatrix Potter stories, or some of them, are on Project Gutenberg.  I always liked these, for the illustrations and the fact that they came in little tiny books.  The above picture is kind of a spoiler – but I just love the look on her kitten face.  Link in the Cat Stories to the right…

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6 Responses to Slow Day with Moppets

  1. You haves very pretty eyes!


  2. kimkiminy says:

    I still own a full set of those little books, complete with the box they all fit in. I should see if they’re worth anything. Loved those stories. They were well-read when I was a tot.


    • Oldcat says:

      I always liked the morals of the stories.

      Tom Kitten didn’t listen to his mom…and was almost eaten by rats!
      Peter Rabbit didn’t listen to his mother…and was nearly baked into a pie for the McGregors!
      The nasty bad rabbit was nasty and bad…and had his whiskers and tail shot off!

      Kids learn to be naughty regardless, no harm in getting some reinforcement.


  3. Mom Paula remembers reading those books and loving the pictures.



  4. littlemiao says:

    I love the Beatrix Potter stories. Especially Tom Kitten with his little blue jacket. It’s nice they’re available on Project Gutenberg with illustrations.

    I hope Calla is over her sneezes.


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