The Eyes Have It

I had to shop before coming home today so by the time I got all unpacked it was pretty dark. So no outside shots for today.  Gus put up with the camera in the face with reasonable composure.  I like the eyes when they are dilated like this.  My cat Cassie seemed to have wider open eyes at most light levels than most cats so I got used to it.   The white on his nose looks like sand in an hourglass – there’s even the trickle of sand coming from the top reaching between the eyes.

Calpurnia was out in the back in the dark, so I had to fetch her in to get some pictures. After an interesting movie that I may post I got a few pictures but she got tired of it and starting rotating to face the other way.  Brat.
Finally she gave me a decent shot and hinted to me that she wanted some ear rubs, which she got right after.  Pretty flexy going there!

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2 Responses to The Eyes Have It

  1. Well you know that payment is expected for photography! It’s all in the fine print.


  2. littlemiao says:

    *ear skritches* for Calpurnia


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