Interesting Times

The avalanche of views and comments on yesterday’s post really impressed Calpurnia in a big way.  She nearly stopped cleaning her front paw!  But seriously, I like the logic puzzle involved in figuring out what makes cats look how they look, and from the response here and in the various comment threads where I’ve pitched in here and there they seem to be well received.  I’ll just have to come up with a means to allow those with an interest to ask a question or give the information needed for a more detailed look.  From experience so far, having pictures is essential both for eye candy and also to really be able to make a determination – for example – one person’s grey may actually be a sign of the dilute gene, which is called ‘blue’, or it could just be a less intense black.

See what happens when you talk genetics without a cute picture?  Zzzzzzzz.

In actual “three cat yard” news, the other day I was kind of surprised when nobody was down waiting for me yesterday like usual when I returned from work. When I went upstairs I was surprised to find a tiny baby lizard on the floor – maybe 2 inches long.  The cats weren’t playing with it, but someone had been because it was missing a bit of its tail.  The little guy was otherwise unharmed and I managed to spirit him outside where he has a chance to grow large and get caught again.  I wonder how he got in!

Still conked out!

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8 Responses to Interesting Times

  1. minlit says:

    I’m an idea addict. Currently run several businesses with my husband because they seemed like a good idea at the time… I can’t help myself. And I do think you’ve hit on one. But the question is, how much you’d want to take on. You could totally open the flood gates with this one. Think icanhascheezeburger, where people can upload cat pics (it’s just a gigantic wordpress blog, you know!), and then you set your phasers to stun….sorry, I mean your admin to approve appropriate ones and Bob the ginger tabby’s your uncle. Hey Pussto, it’s find your roots for cats.
    And I have had no caffeine as yet today. But seriously, you’ve got a wealth of information that other (crazy cat) people will find fascinating. Hope we can access more of it in future! D


  2. kimkiminy says:

    I wonder, indeed, if it could possibly have something to do with the conked-out kitty on the floor…


  3. littlemiao says:

    Awww, good you came in time to rescue baby lizard. I think he’ll do okay with a somewhat incomplete tail – Sprocket does just fine.

    I love your kitty genetics discussions. Maybe one day you can explain why some kitties are tuxedo kitties (I’m thinking of my brother’s calico/tortie mama + the b&w cowkitty papa, who had 2 boy tuxkits). Is there penguin anywhere in their lineage? Perhaps at the dawn of time some seafaring cats met and fell in love with penguins, and that is why kittens are so fuzzy.


  4. lahgitana says:

    We have a kitty named CalPURRnia! We named her that way because she’s a cat, so rules the world. We’d have named her Caesar, but she’s a she not a he. Caesar’s wife must be above reproach, and is!


    • Oldcat says:

      A woman of Caesar’s family would be named “Julia” – a girl of the Julian Family. Caesar is a ‘ nickname’ for his branch of the Julians.

      It was an earlier wife of Caesar’s, Pompeia, that he divorced for failing to remain ‘above suspicion’. Calpurnia was always able to meet that standard.


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