On the Hunt

This afternoon I opened up the front and Julius decided to hang around home for a bit instead of heading off for parts unknown as he usually does.  So I was able to get some pictures for a change – it has been a while since he has made an appearance!

This was almost a great picture – he was looking at me over his other shoulder when I snapped the shutter but as I did a leaf fell from the trees above and he tracked it at once, swivelling to look over the other side and up.  I thought I caught the leaf in the field too, but that likely looking one is actually in the vines on the ground. From his viewing direction it is just above the top of the picture.

From then on he was in full Wild Thing mode – I was ignored and his concentration was moving out into the neighboring bushes and plants and taking in all the sensations his eyes, ears, nose and whiskers could provide…

From the other end of the walkway he noticed something and was off in a flash.  He paused for a moment right on the edge and waited for a final course correction and was in and had his paws on something…

Luck was with Mister Lizard – his grip was too far back and his bite only came up with a wriggling tail.  Nature only gives him that one trick, but it worked this time.  Julius then proceeded to eat the tail, all but the thin tip.  That surprised me a little, as I haven’t seen him eat the other part of a lizard before.  Maybe the tail is in a different category in his mind.

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3 Responses to On the Hunt

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Mine usually ignore the tail after it stops wriggling. Pretty freaky, if you ask me.


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